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Lecture Series

Your donation helps fund our Gregory Stockard Lecture Series which provides 4 -6 history-related lectures in Jefferson City each year. These are free and open to the public.

Echo Gatherings

New in 2022, our monthly Echo Gatherings are group sessions where 3-4 individuals gather to share their memories of past times in JCMO. These gatherings were created to capture lost stories that are only remembered when we are with friends from our past. Your donation helps fund the staff time to facilitate this program along with the equipment and transcription services needed to property preserve this information.

Preservation & Development of Historic Properties

HCJ works to preserve and save historic buildings from demolition. We work with both the city and local developers to get to save as many of these properties as possible. Your donation funds the staff time needed to facilitate these conversations.

Architectural Salvage

Reclaim, HCJ's Architectural Salvage Store, arose from the 2019 tornado as a way to divert materials from landfills and get them into the hands of people that will love and reuse them! Your donation helps fund this program--from the safety equipment for the volunteers to the costs associated with maintaining a physical space.

Oral Histories

For more than 15 years, HCJ has been collecting oral histories regarding our city's past. Your donations are used to purchase the recording equipment and organize volunteers.

Historic Homes Tour

Our annual historic homes tour is one of the community's favorite events! Your donation helps us open these private historic homes to the public each year.


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