Homes Tour

2017 Homes Tour

We are excited that this year’s tour will feature some of our Golden Hammer Award winners!  The Golden Hammer program started in 2008, with over 50 awards given out so far.  Many of the Golden Hammer award winners renovated the inside of their property, as well.  Several of these homes/businesses will be chosen for our Homes Tour this year (to see the list of all Golden Hammer Award winners, click on the “Golden Hammer Award” tab).

The 2017 tour is scheduled for Sunday, September 17, 2017, from 1 – 5 pm.  We thank new Board member, Janet Gallaher, for overseeing this important event.

  • The Homes Tour is the major yearly fundraiser for the Historic City of Jefferson.
  • Each year, the tour highlights historic buildings of a particular neighborhood, architectural style, time period, or architect.
  • Included in the tour brochure is a history about each building that is on the tour.

Approximately 100 volunteers are needed to make this tour happen.  If you have questions or If you would like to volunteer, please contact Janet Gallaher at 573-690-5250 or email

Check back for more details!



  • 2006 – Bungalow Tour
  • 2007 – Historic Moreau Heights District
  • 2008 – Adams and Woodlawn Streets
  • 2009 – Swifts Highway
  • 2010 – Four Corners (the “Circle” Streets off Main)
  • 2011 – Civil War Homes
  • 2012 – Elmerine Avenue
  • 2013 – Hayselton Drive
  • 2014 – Civil War Locations
  • 2015 – Architect Hurst John Homes
  • 2016 – East Capitol Avenue