HCJ Foundation

Capitol Avenue Restoration Fund

A new fund to raise money for restoration of Capitol Avenues in distress has been initiated by the HCJ Foundation.  A goal of $55,000 has been set for the fund.  For more information on how to contribute to the fund or otherwise get involved, contact Steve Veile at 573-635-3265 or email steve@qinc.co.  

In 2009, the HCJ Foundation was formed to offer the community another option to invest in the funding of historic preservation. From monetary gifts and bequests through estate planning, these funds, as managed by a professional Board of Trustees, will grow and be available for special historic preservation projects while supporting the work of Historic City of Jefferson, Inc. The HCJ Foundation, Inc. is both a tax-exempt organization and a public charity, classified as a 501 (c) 3.  The Trustees continue to focus on a strategic plan and an investment policy that enables the Foundation to raise and retain funds, create a revolving loan program, acquire endangered historic properties, and manage dedicated funds pursuant to donor directives. The HCJ Foundation, Inc. is your opportunity to leave a lasting community gift in the preservation of its irreplaceable heritage. For more information, email steve@qinc.co.



President- Steve Veile, Business Owner

Vice-President- Jill Dobbs, Central Trust Company

Treasurer- Frank Burkhead, CPA

Secretary- Kay Martellaro, HCJ Secretary


Tammy Boeschen, HCJ President

Cheri Morrow, Realtor

Jason Schwartz, Hawthorn Bank, Senior Vice President

Stephen Stark, Attorney

Debbie Brown, Business Owner

Donna Deetz, HCJ Vice President

Jeff Schaeperkoetter, Attorney