Golden Hammer Award

Golden Hammer Nomination Form

The Golden Hammer Award recognizes those in our community who are restoring our historic structures. Renovation not only preserves these structures for years to come, but also shows the pride our community has for our past.  Through this award, we are also able to share the history of our community.

HCJ has recognized buildings that were once thriving businesses, buildings that are still thriving businesses, stately historic homes and modest historic homes.  This is what is so unique of our older neighborhoods – the diversity of architecture, purpose, and culture.

Award Criteria:
•         50 Years Old and in Jefferson City
•         Exterior Renovations that do not detract from historic integrity – Not general maintenance
•         Work completed within the last 5 years.

To submit a nomination for a Golden Hammer Award, complete the Nominations Form, and email to or mail to Historic City of Jefferson, P.O. Box 105056, Jefferson City, MO 65110.   Include “before” and “after” photos, if available.

For more information, contact Laura Ward, Chair, at 573-999-0915.


 Please see previous winners below!

2018 Recipients
May 2018

This month’s recipients are Dustin Long and his father, James Long for their renovation of 929 West High Street.  This property, built circa 1890’s, is located in Crandall’s Addition also known as Lower Jefferson.  Martin and Anna Borgmeyer built this home after purchasing the lot in 1890.  They raised their three children, Frank, Catherine, and Edward in this home.  Their daughter, Catherine lived in this house from a small child until her death in 1975 at the age of 88.


June 2018

This month’s recipients are Erin and Tyson Bowyer for their renovation of 315 West Atchison in Old Munichburg.   This home was built circa 1900 by Andrew Burkel, a veteran shoe merchant in Jefferson City.  Erin and Tyson have preserved as much of the original design and ambiance as possible.  Congratulations to being this month’s award winners.


July 2018

This month’s recipients are Jim and Irene Tergin for their renovation of the building at 130 East High Street.  This building which served as the Brandenberger Drug Store for 94 years was built circa 1885. Jim and Irene did a complete restoration to the structure which now houses the Brandenberger Apartments on the upper floors and the Coffee Zone on the 1st floor.  This building is also on the National Register of Historic Places and has received the Landmark Designation Award.  

August 2018

Congratulations Dan Basel and Gina Cocheo for receiving our August Golden Hammer Award!  The house at 609 East High was originally built by John and Anna Tweedie in 1899.  John was manager at the A. Priesmeyer Shoe Company.  



September 2018

Congratulations to Aaron and Erin Clark for receiving the September Golden Hammer Award!  This house at 500 East Miller was originally built by Adolph and Beulah Brandenberger in 1910. Adolph was a druggist.  He owned a Rexall Drugstore that sold drugs, toiletries and magazines.  

2017 Recipients
May 2017

This building has had two addresses, 106 and 108 East High Street. The award is being given to Matthew Ruge with the Missouri Independent Bankers Association. This association and the Divinity Religious Gift Shop reside in the building.



June 2017

This restored circa 1910 home, at 307 Marshall Street, is the 4th Golden Hammer award winner on Marshall Street. Thank you, Russell and Dylan Gish (father and son duo)!



July 2017

Historic City of Jefferson is very excited to recognize Lincoln University for their continued care of the president’s residence-our July Golden Hammer Award winner! This very stately limestone home located at 601 Jackson Street has graced the bluff for 104 years. Both the City of Jefferson and Lincoln University are rich in history and this home has been witness to a brief history of time of both these institutions making it an even more beautifully unique home.



August 2017  

This property at 706 Swifts Highway, built around 1930, was renovated by Charlie Frank and family, and funded in part by the city’s Residential Rental Facade Improvement program.

2016 Recipients
May 2016

Honoring:  Tony and Jenny Smith

Location:  612 E. McCarty Street


June 2016

Honoring: Shannon and Jami Wade

Location:  1121 Lee Street


July 2016

Honoring:  Richard Howerton and his daughter, Sarah Howerton Knee

Location:  Jefferson City Museum of Modern Art, 220 East. High Street


August 2016

Honoring:  The City of Jefferson

Location:  304 Marshall Street

September 2016

Honoring:  John & Shellie Pervinich

Location:  615 E. Capitol Avenue


2015 Recipents
May 2015

Honoring:  Ryan and Stacie Gilmore

Location:  303 Marshall St.


June 2015

Honoring: Charlie and Jessica Christiansen

Location:  West Main Pizza, 1931 West Main


July 2015

Honoring:  Jewell Patek

Location:  115 East High Street

August 2015

Honoring:  Rod Burnett, Ron Dawson, Tim Hayden, Gary Oberkrom, Dick Otke and Jason Otke

Location:  Millbottom Building, 400 West Main Street


September 2015

Honoring:  Keith and Jeannie McGowan – 1910 American Foursquare Home

Location:  209 Cherry Street


October 2015

Honoring:  Curtis (Bo) and Marlene Bohanon – 1834 Greek Revival Home

Location:  1916 Greenberry Rd.

2014 Recipients
October 2014

Dr. Chandra and Barbara Prasad

1302 Moreau Dr.


September 2014

John Cox

805 Mulberry St.


 August 2014

Rene Maxey

1317 Moreau Dr.


 July 2014

Debbie Brown

1007 East McCarty Street


 June 2014

Donna and Michel Deetz

716 and 720 East High Street


May 2014

Nathan Runyan and Matt Winingear, Professional Building Restoration, LLC

Bockrath House, 1899

309 West Dunklin Street

2013 Recipients
September 2013

Jameson Morrow

938 Fairmount Blvd.

 August 2013

Dr. Patricia J. Macfarlane

119 Forest Hill (1925, built by Phil Dallmeyer Sr. and his wife Bertha C. (Lena) Natsch)


 July 2013

Jeff Adams

Scuba Adventure (formally Ahrens-Graessle Grocery and later  Ferguson Grocery)

901 Jefferson Street

 June 2013

Darryl and Connie Hubble

616 (Circa 1898) and 618 (Circa 1920) East High Street


 May 2013

Michael and Laura Ward

Nelson and Gertrude Burch House, 1868

115 West Atchison Street


2012 Recipients

October 2012

Jerry and Mary Jane Evans

1210 Moreau Drive


September 2012

Common Ground/Old Town Center

1015 East Atchison Street

Award presented to First United Methodist Church and Old Town Revitalization Company


August 2012

Wymore Place LLC

Wymore Place Apartments

315 Washington Street

July 2012

Donna and Michel Deetz, Laurelanne Bellezzo

712 East High Street


June 2012

Kelsey and Jeremy Hilburn

1212 Moreland Ave.


May 2012

Duncan and Lucia Kincheloe

2027 West Main Street

2011 Recipients
October 2011

Central Bank

101 West High Street


September 2011

Steve and Anita Lael

1005 Moreau Drive


August 2011

Hank and Linda Stratman

The Inn at The Village Square (formerly Warwick Village)

1507 East McCarty Street

July 2011

Kevin and Courtney Pigford

River City Habitat for Humanity and Homebuilders Assoc of Central MO

802 East McCarty Street

June 2011

Mark and Stacey Young, Office of Appraisal Associates, Nunn and Young

518 East Capitol Avenue

Curtis Hanarhan and Pete Nacy, Office of Hanarhan & Nacy Law Firm

522 East Capitol Avenue

May 2011

Dan and Linda Bull

1629 West Main Street


2010 Recipients
October 2010

Jon and Marcia Burton

150 Boonville Road


September 2010

Jill Hartke, Owner

Chris and Traci Estes, Previous Owners and Restorers

1125 West Main Street

August 2010

Flora Herndon, Owner

River City Habitat for Humanity

801 Broadway Street

July 2010

Scott and Tina Sellner

1905 North Circle


June 2010

Greg and Jerri Bemboom

1106 Vineyard Square


May 2010

BJ DeLong and Joe DeLong

108 West Atchison Street


2009 Recipients
September 2009

Shannon and Jami Wade

1914 West Main Street



Mike and Joni Henderson

1215 Moreland Dr.



August 2009

Debbie Brown

319 Ash Street


July 2009

Damon and Dana Northweather

D&D Main Street Market

1937 West Main Street

June 2009

Jim Moody

417 East High Street


May 2009

Sam Schnieders

1400 St. Mary’s Blvd.


April 2009

Marvin Heinrich

310 Marshall Street


2008 Recipients
September 2008

Erin Geick

River City Habitat for Humanity

114 East Atchison Street

August 2008

Brian Donnelly

1031 West Main Street


July 2008

Gloria Baker

Therapeutic Touch Wellness Center

1128 Jefferson Street

June 2008

Harold Kirby and Andrea Spillars

1204 Moreland Dr.


October 2008

Don Galbreath and Lisa Castillo

301 East Ashley Street