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The Golden Hammer Award recognizes those in our community who are restoring our historic structures. Renovation not only preserves these structures for years to come, but also shows the pride our community has for our past.  Through this award, we are also able to share the history of our community.

HCJ has recognized buildings that were once thriving businesses, buildings that are still thriving businesses, stately historic homes and modest historic homes.  This is what is so unique of our older neighborhoods – the diversity of architecture, purpose, and culture.

Award Criteria:
•         50 Years Old and in Jefferson City
•         Exterior Renovations that do not detract from historic integrity – Not general maintenance
•         Work completed within the last 5 years.

To submit a nomination for a Golden Hammer Award, complete the Nominations Form, and email to or mail to Historic City of Jefferson, P.O. Box 105056, Jefferson City, MO 65110.   Include “before” and “after” photos, if available.

For more information, contact Laura Ward, Chair, at 573-999-0915.

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