About Us

Our Purpose

The Historic City of Jefferson (HCJ), founded in 1983, strives to preserve the history of Jefferson City, while moving toward the future.  Our members learn to appreciate and share our history and work together to educate, advocate, and strive to prevent the loss of historical buildings.  Through the Oral History program, stories about “the old days” are gathered and saved.  As a member of the Historic City of Jefferson, you will enjoy many interesting, exciting programs and activities, including:

  • Annual Dinner Meeting
  • Educational Programs and Events
  • Golden Hammer Award
  • Full Color Quarterly Newsletter
  • Homes Tours
  • Notices about pertinent preservation issues

Board of Directors

Left to Right: Jim Kreider, Bruce Bates, Kay Martellaro, Tammy Boeschen, Holly Stitt, Donna Deetz, Jane Beetem, Jenny Smith, Pam Taylor, Jeanette Dulle, Tim Morrow, Janet Gallaher, Dave Griffith (resigned), Vicki Schildmeyer, Melanie Stockman, Lois Hogan (not pictured)


Tammy Boeschen


Donna Deetz

Vice President

Tim Morrow


Kay Martellaro



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